Rest & Relaxation

Welcome to our areas for rest and relaxation. Here you will find Surya and our orangery, where you can relax in the light that flows in through the large windows. Furthermore, you will find Peacock House, which is a slightly quieter department with, among other things, light and dark therapy rooms. You can advantageously start with these experiences before sinking into the warm baths.


On the top floor, close to the Vitality pool, you can access the Surya relaxation lounge. Our relaxation lounge has been given the name Surya, the Sun God who, according to Indian mythology, has knowledge of the good, the light and life itself. This room is decorated in calm, light and warm earthy colours. There is plenty of natural daylight, and the swing chairs and water beds are perfect if you want to rest or meditate.

Swing chairs

By the large, bright windows, you can snuggle up in one of the swing chairs. Look out across the rooftops, and soak up the natural daylight and the wonderful energy from the sun.

Warm and comfy waterbeds

In this cosy setting, with linen textiles providing seclusion and privacy, you can simply lie back and let the snuggly waterbed warm you from the inside and out. Then, if you want, you can let your mind drift away, gently embraced by music.


On the top floor, you also will find our orangery with walls and a roof entirely made of glass, giving humans and plants lots of natural daylight. So you can sit back and relax for a while with some fruit and a cup of tea. Perhaps you have brought a book to read, or you can just enjoy the stunning view of the sea and the rooftops of Varberg.

Peacock House

Peacock House is our tranquillity therapy section, where you will find different rooms for relaxation and recreation. Soak up the revitalising light in the light therapy room and listen to a guided meditation. Leave the hustle and bustle of the outside world behind, enter the dark therapy room and relax on one of our warm waterbeds measuring 33 degrees C.

Light therapy room

A room designed and decorated entirely in tranquil white, where you can recharge your batteries and re-energise in warm, pleasant surroundings. Soak up the restorative light, lie back and relax whilst listening to a guided meditation.

Dark therapy room

Let your body rest on a waterbed measuring 33 degrees C and the subdued lighting will help to calm your mind. Beneath each bed, we have placed salt stones that emanate wholesome minerals and cleanse the air. Music and guided meditations are available in headphones right next to each waterbed.

Temple room

Our temple room is a sanctuary for the soul. We urge you to take a moment to indulge in quiet contemplation, listen to what your body has to say, breathe and meditate in silence. Light a candle and savour the peacefulness.

Tejas room

This is another special space for rest and recuperation and to help you achieve just that, we have furnished this room with copper tubs filled with warm stones. Tejas is the Sanskrit term for the element of fire.


The gym is located next to Asia Spa and is equipped with top-of-the-range kinesis stations, which helps you incorporate both aerobic exercises and muscular strength. Opening hours are 6 am to 10 pm, over 15s only.


Some things are difficult to describe in words as they need to be experienced for real. So why not book a spa weekend or one of our amazing day spa packages, so you can have the opportunity to relax in one of the new rooms at Asia Spa?

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