Peacock House

Peacock House is our tranquillity therapy section, where you will find different rooms for relaxation and recreation. Soak up the revitalising light in the light therapy room and listen to a guided meditation. Leave the hustle and bustle of the outside world behind, enter the dark therapy room and relax on one of our warm waterbeds measuring 33 degrees C. Peacock House is a part of Asia Spa and all included when you purchase one of our spa packages.


A room designed and decorated entirely in tranquil white, where you can recharge your batteries and re-energise in warm, pleasant surroundings. Soak up the restorative light, lie back and relax whilst listening to a guided meditation.


Let your body rest on a waterbed measuring 33 degrees C and the subdued lighting will help to calm your mind. Beneath each bed, we have placed salt stones that emanate wholesome minerals and cleanse the air. Music and guided meditations are available in headphones right next to each waterbed.


Our temple room is a sanctuary for the soul. We urge you to take a moment to indulge in quiet contemplation, listen to what your body has to say, breathe and meditate in silence. Light a candle and savour the peacefulness.


This is another special space for rest and recuperation and to help you achieve just that, we have furnished this room with copper tubs filled with warm stones and lots of books about yoga and Eastern philosophy. Tejas is the Sanskrit term for the element of fire.