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Warmth, rippling water and all the time in the world

Asia Spa is located right at the top of the hotel with spectacular views over the sea and the idyllic small town of Varberg, in the heart of Halland. We have been inspired from the best of Asia and several Oriental philosophies, i.e. Ayurveda, Feng Shui and The Five Elements. Based on this, we have created a little world of our own with focus on well-being and indulgence, with relaxing spa baths, pampering treatments and unique surroundings. Let yourself be embraced by warmth and gorgeous scents. While you are here, you are allowed to put yourself first.

You will notice that yoga and meditation are important pillars at Asia Spa. Getting rid of stress and negative thoughts brings you a free mind. Dare to try. Dare to liberate your thoughts. And get a body and soul in harmony.

At Asia Spa, only those aged 15 or over can be admitted.

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